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Our healthcare providers

Our Personal Caregivers

Our formula live-in care:

Type Individual:

- one care provider 100% for you
- Eastern European healthcare provider, speaks English, German or French
- Education: certificate of elderly helper
- Lives with you 24/24 6/7 or 7

Someone who lives with you 24 hours a day must first of all suit you in terms of personality, which is why we at Patijn look for a good match between you as a care recipient and the care provider. Based on our visits and the care file, we propose various candidates to you until we find the suitable match.

All our resident assistants of the individual type come from Eastern Europe and stay with you for a minimum of three months. Our assistants enjoy working abroad for a period in their lives and gaining experience.

When selecting the experience level of our resident assistants, we take the care file as a basic guideline. We take into account the wishes regarding care and the possible clinical picture of the care recipient.

With the individual option, the care providers speak one or more of the following languages: English, French, or German. This is a basic language level, sufficient to maintain a normal conversation.

The assistant closely follows the prepared care file and also keeps a daily report. We evaluate the assistant at regular intervals, in which we look at the day of reporting and compliance with the prepared care file.

The care manager is your direct point of contact, who also keeps a finger on the pulse of the assistant. The care manager is involved, but still keeps enough distance to maintain discretion. Together with the care manager, we regularly evaluate the assistant to see whether we need to change the care plan or the assistant’s attitude.

Leave scheme:
The live-in care provider works 6 days a week and therefore has one day of leave a week. This day is determined in consultation and is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The healthcare provider is free during this day. On this day of leave, you can either take care of the care yourself, or a family member, or we can provide a replacement by means of one of our flex care workers.
Our care employees take leave after 3, 4, 5 or 6 months, depending on employee to employee and from file to file. We will provide replacement during this leave period. After the leave, your care worker will return until the next holiday period.