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Our values

Our values

Our first and foremost value

Safety is our first and most important value at Patijn! We therefore strive for safety at every level of our company, including travel, exercise, work environment, food, sports and relaxation.
We therefore ensure that our care providers use safety as the most important rule of life! This ranges from sufficient hand washing, personal hygiene to a neat and safe living environment.
Certainly at times of epidemics, such as Corona, it is very important to all safety regulations both in the country of origin and in Belgium.
A good assessment of unsafe situations is also of paramount importance! If our healthcare provider notices an unsafe situation, eg a chair that is broken, or a carpet that is not lying flat enough, our healthcare provider will be the first to resolve this or to ensure that it is reported.

Flexibility is the strength of our company

Your expectations for live-in care today will not be the same as your expectations for live-in care tomorrow. People change, diseases can evolve and needs can take a different shape. Here we demand and expect a very high degree of flexibility from our healthcare employees, this is the strength of our story, and the power of customized care.

Discretion at all times

We strongly urge our healthcare providers that care and discretion are not separate from each other. Of course, every situation is different, and it is up to the care provider to properly assess where the boundary lies of discretionary care provision.

Communication and coordination are of course also the basis of a good relationship with regard to discretion. We therefore take our time to include this in detail in the care record.

Speaks for itself

Honesty is the best policy. We strive for honest and transparent communication, to our healthcare providers, our clients, the family and other members of the healthcare team. We take our time during Patijn's intake step-by-step plan to provide clear information about our costs and the possible options for compensation via the government.
We also provide clear and transparent information to our healthcare providers via the selection step-by-step plan about our operations, their merits, rights and obligations. We also expect our care providers to always, always! be honest, as soon as we can no longer count on the honesty of our care providers, the cooperation will immediately end.