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Who are we and how do we work

We would like to introduce ourselves to you

Our team of professionals talk about us and our working method
Patijn is an established company for professional live-in home care.

Thanks to our wide network in Eastern Europe, we have a continuous inflow of high-quality assistants. To guarantee the quality of our service, our care managers guarantee a correct follow-up and evaluation of the services of our care providers.

Our live-in assistants provide tailor-made care for yourself, your partner, or parents, so that you, or your parents, can stay at home longer and do not have to go to a care home. We provide affordable live-in home care with different formulas.
Patijn is guided by the office in Ghent (above the Liberale Mutualiteit) by a team of three permanent employees and various independent care managers. Our office in Ghent is centrally located and also serves as a training center for our healthcare providers.
We advise on live-in care provision in Belgium and Luxembourg.
It is important that as a service provider we are always available, we are a small team, with short communication lines, and fast response.

Live-in assistance, how do we work?

Patijn guides you step by step in the search for a live-in assistant, from the administration and financial regulations to the guidelines for any adjustments to your home.

We have an extensive database of resident assistants from both the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. On the basis of one or more visits at your home or at our office, we determine together which form of care suits you best. Our task is to find the perfect match, and we do not take it overnight. We introduce different people until we find the right candidate.

We make a selection based on the information from our visits, the care record, and the selection file. Then we evaluate the personality, education, language, interests, and hobbies of the assistants and look for a good match. This know-how forms the basis of our many years of experience at Patijn.

Patijn's Intake step-by-step plan: from first contact to your resident assistant at your home.

Step 1: first contact
We always start with a first telephone contact. On the general number, we are permanently available during office hours. One of our team members at the head office can provide you with further information and answer any questions.
You can do it to contact the form of Patijn fill in and we will contact you asap. During this telephone conversation, we give a brief explanation about our working method and services and we listen to what your expectations are regarding live-in care provision.

Step 2: An explanation of the method
After the telephone contact, we plan a first visit at your home, or at our office. During this performance visit, we propose our team, our company, and our method to you. It is important for both parties to have a clear view of the costs, responsibilities, different working methods, legal and social arrangements, compensation, and contracts. Good agreements and clear information are the basis of good cooperation, so we take our time for this.

Step 3: Intake interview
When our working method is clear, we schedule an intake interview. Our care manager who is responsible for your region plans an appointment at your home and has a 1 on 1 conversation with the care recipient. Or if this is not possible with the appointed guardian. This intake interview forms the basis for drawing up the care file and the selection file.
The care file contains all your wishes and needs regarding your customized care. Here we look at, among other things, your wishes regarding support, help with getting up / sleeping, preferences regarding meals, daily rituals, planning of trips, personal hygiene, follow-up of medication, hobbies, etc.
The selection file forms the basis of our search for a suitable resident assistant for you. In the selection file you can determine, among other things, what your preferences are regarding: choice of language, age and experience level of the assistant.

Step 4: Start selection
As soon as we have a clearly drawn up care file and selection file, our recruiters start the search for your resident care worker. We employ various local offices for this purpose, including  Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and Portugal.
This selection procedure takes approximately one to four weeks, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the care file and selection file. During this period we propose one, two or sometimes three candidates to you by means of a profile sheet. As soon as you agree with one of the candidates based on this form and an online interview, we will start with the payroll administration and the planning of the trip to Belgium.

Step 5: Placement of the resident caregiver

Once all payroll, insurance, and regulatory documents are in place, we schedule the effective date your assistant will start on the first day. We take care of the organization of the trip and the practical arrangement of the first working day.
As a caring family or care recipient, you must ensure that the room for the live-in assistant is ready on the day of arrival. live-in caregiver accommodation requirements.

Step 6: Evaluation of the care
As soon as the resident care provider has started, we organize one or more evaluation interviews. The purpose of these conversations is to find out what is going well and what is not going well. As a guideline, we take the care file in the first place and adjust it when there are changes in the wishes of the care recipient. It may also be that there is no click at all between the resident care provider and the care recipient, in this case Patijn will provide a replacement.
It goes without saying that we schedule these evaluation interviews on a frequent basis during our collaboration: depending on the care file, we determine: what the frequency of these interviews is, who is present, how the follow-up will take place, etc. This is again a schedule. custom and is different for almost every case.

What are the minimum accommodation requirements for your live-in caregiver.

• A separate room.
• Internet access in the room.
• A normal-sized bed for one adult, sheets, and pillows.
• A wardrobe.

Why choose Patijn 24/7 live-in care

The right choice


Stay in control yourself

You will continue to live at home in your familiar surroundings and determine your own care plan according to your own rhythm.


Customized assistance 24 hours a day

An assistant is available day and night to take care of and guide you according to your needs and wishes.


Experienced team of professionals

Our experienced team of healthcare providers and healthcare managers is always available to advise and assist you.

Onze zorgvragers aan het woord

Wat zeggen zij over Patijn

Mijn man en ik wonen in een randgemeente van Gent, we zijn beiden al een stuk in de 80, maar nog gezond. Dankzij onze inwonende zorgassistente hebben we nu de luxe om iemand in huis te hebben die voor ons kookt, de was doet, on s ’nachts uit bed helpt en alle zware taken in het huishouden voor ons doet. Dit is de beste oplossing voor ons, en we hopen dat we dit nog lang zo te kunnen volhouden.

Mr. en Mvr.  A.   Zwijnaarde

Mr. en Mvr. A. Zwijnaarde

80 plus

Mijn vrouw heeft al jaren een lichte vorm van dementie, dit is de laatste tijd zeer snel achteruit gegaan. Ik kon niet meer alleen instaan voor de verzorging van mijn vrouw, en ik heb dan ook beslist om ze naar een zorginstelling te brengen. Door Covid-19 zijn er echter zeer strenge regels opgelegd inzake bezoeken en uitstappen. Gezien de kosten van een zorginstelling ongeveer gelijk zijn aan de kost van een permanente inwonende verzorgster, hebben we samen met de familie besloten om mijn vrouw terug naar huis te halen met een inwonende verzorgende. Dit heeft enige aanpassingen gevergd, maar werkt nu prima.

Gerard J.  Sint Martens Latem

Gerard J. Sint Martens Latem

78 jaar

Ik heb een zwaar gehandicapte dochter die dag en nacht nood heeft aan intensieve verzorging. Als alleenstaande moeder sta ik al jarenlang in voor de dagelijkse zorg, maar dit is de laatste jaren toch moeilijker geworden. Samen met mijn sociaal assistente hebben we een PVB aangevraagd. Dankzij Patijn, en de inwonende zorg, kan mijn dochter bij mij blijven wonen en heb ik ook meer vrije tijd gekregen.

Karin S.   Liège

Karin S. Liège

37 years

Our values

Our values serve as the foundation for our service, who we are and what we do

We strive for a better and healthier life for our care recipients with care and dedication.


Safety is our first and most important value at Patijn! We therefore strive for safety at every level of our company, including travel, exercise, work


Your expectations for live-in care today will not be the same as your expectations for live-in care tomorrow.


We strongly urge our healthcare providers that care and discretion are not separate from each other.


Honesty is the best policy. We strive for honest and transparent communication, to our healthcare providers, our clients, the family, and other members of the healthcare team.